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Big Sport Day — an open tournaments for kids and youth!

Hello friends!

In this page I briefly represent our sports project called Big Sport Day.

Every summer Good News Christian Center of Riga in cooperation with Riga City council and Latvian Football Federation organize open mini-football tournaments. Games take place on Church’s ground — we are using 4 small grass pitches with own made gates. We invite children and teenagers ages 9-19 years and older to participate and win prizes.

Age groups

At present we have 4 age groups: U13, U15, U17 and U19.

Cerības kauss 2011. Spēlētāji, līdzjūtēji Big Sport Day 2011 6. posms (the winners) Big Sport Day 2011 5. posms (faces) Big Sport Day 2011 5. posms (actions) Big Sport Day 2011 4. posms (1. daļa) 2. posma aktivitātes


1999: We started to organize streetball games on our car parking. As time passed by we found interest among local young people and continue our sports activity.

2000-2002: We added several sports (mini-football, volleyball, novus, ping pong and other) to our Sport Days programme. Once a month we began to hold a Big Sport Day — a competitions with 2 or 3 sports simultaneously. Thats how Big Sport Day began.

2003: The Extreme Weekend is taken place at Good News Christian Center in June 11-14. Two days of competitions, more than 400 participants, Christian band’ concerts and power-team shows, several hundreds of spectators. This event led us to a new level — we started to think about regular competitions at Church. Next year Big Sport Day became an official tournament.

2004 until present: The Big Sport Day project is an annual tournament for local kids and teenagers. With sponsor help of organisations and private persons, we organize 6-7 tournament during the summertime. Hundreds of people are able to participate in this project.

Big Sport Day 2011 bilde Big Sport Day 2011 3. posms

We say: “Big Sport Day is a place for youth!” And thats right, cause our goal was and is to make a place for young people, where they can spend their time with friends playing sports. It healthy and its fun!

Plus, our main goal is to share with young people a Good News of Bible — the Good News about God’s love and salvation from sin. Organizing Big Sport Day we consider very important not to only create an event but build relationship with our participants and help them find their way to God.


Our auditory

Big Sport Day participants mainly are guys from Riga and other places in Latvia. Some of them are active in sports — are members of different sports clubs (football, hockey, wrestling, basketball and other). About 50% are not members of clubs, they just like this game or like to spend free time with friends playing football.

We offer free entrance to:
• children from poor families or families with difficult financial situation;
• orphans and children form crisis centers;
• volunteers.


It is possible to make a contribution to Big Sport Day project. We are open to partnership and friendship in different areas. If you have a desire to partcipate in Big Sport Day in any way (perfomance, helping with registration and tournament activities, sharing your testimony etc.), please tell us about this.

Financial support help us to cover:

• participation fees for kids from poor families and orphanages
• good prizes for winners (we award hundreds of participants for their achievements)
• administration expenses (music licences, insurance, water etc.)
• award evening’s expenses (food, equipment)

Thank you and may God bless you!


Foundation “Fonds-iespēja”
Reg. Nr. 40008097532
Ūnijas 99, Riga, LV-1084, Latvija
Swedbank, HABALV22
Account LV11HABA0551016968708

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